What would you like to change in your life?

  • What if you could have access at the level of information that creates your reality?
  • What if you could function at the Creator’s level and manifest some positive, more harmonious and beneficial results for you and everyone around?
  • What would you choose then?
  • How would your life be different?
  • Would you create better physical and even mental health for yourself and your loved ones?
  • Would you create better harmony at your home and your relationships?
  • Would you like to help to restore the peace and harmony on this beautiful planet Earth?
  • Would you ensure the financial success of your business or manifest a certain amount of money at will?
  • Would you help a loved one regenerate their physical organs and even recover from a serious disease?
  • Would you restore your children’s frequency back to the Creator’s Norm and have a calm and harmonious home?

All this and much more is possible with Dr Grigori Grabovoi’s spiritual technologies

When you use our spiritual programs and tools developed by Dr Grigori Grabovoi, we teach you how to simply focus for a few minutes on specific combinations of numbers, a colour, or shapes, in order to access the level of our Creator.

Your platform for work is your own consciousness. Through these technologies you will achieve activation of dormant brain neurons, as well as connection of left and right brain hemispheres getting direct access to the new, higher realms of conscious creation.

In order to regenerate organs you need to activate 5% or more neural network as that will open up an access to your DNA data and you will be able to re-create damaged or removed organ.

In this way you can create a permanent and harmonious change in all areas of your life. Not only that, you will contribute to global harmonizatioon and positive change for everyone and everything around you. Every time when you use these simple and powerful spiritual technologies developed by Dr Grigori Grabovoi you will be bringing more harmony and peace to humanity and our planet Earth.

You will be provided with concrete and direct educational approach, which is also followed by high quality literature, audio/video materials and workshop tools. Basically, everything neccessary for You to begin or continue your journey of transformation and development.
Appropriate sets of classes and courses will be introduced on this webpage, so you can decide which one suites you best and how can you benefit from them – both spiritually and physically.